We conducted our pilot study in City Island, New York, during 2020. Why did we select this location? We combed maps of the coasts and waterways of the United States looking for the perfect place that could meet some very special requirements. We chose City Island for its compact size, physical isolation as an island to prevent frequent movement of cats in and out of the study area, and visible outdoor cat population during a site visit.

Our first location is Chicago, Illinois! We are partnering with Tree House Humane Society, a 50-year old nonprofit with an emphasis on innovation, to learn about cat populations in a dense urban area of the Eastern temperate forest environmental biome.

Our second long-term monitoring location is Phoenix, Arizona! We are learning about how cat populations respond to targeted sterilization efforts in a suburban area of a desert environmental biome.


To volunteer as a cat survey volunteer in Phoenix or Chicago, check out our Cat Walk Volunteer information page.